Dan Swanbeck Helmet

Bell RS7 Carbon

Dan has been a fan of ours for some time and when it was time to get a new helmet painted he sent us an email. I could tell right away that Dan was the sort of client that wanted to be fully involved in the process and he wanted to have a good amount of his own ideas in there with me there to message them over into what you see here. Dan downloaded our Bell template and drew design after design and sent me over his top 4. I picked the one with the most potential and worked my magic on it, all the while keeping Dan in the loop. Dan wanted a very subtle American flag so we did a black and carbon fiber flag. Dan also wanted a lot of airbrush work so we did a lot of shading and highlighting in the green. For the white areas he wanted very subtle shading so we went in with silver over white. We capped the helmet off with white base and eye port trim and green grills.