Tristan Herbert Helmet

Stilo ST5

Tristan races in the Trans-Am TA3 category in a Camaro Z28. He wanted a design that was in our third tier of complexity, so he wanted something pretty wild! during our phone consultation he said he liked red, black, white, silver, and whatever other color I thought would look good. He also mentioned that he likes gears and he wanted me to incorporate that as well. I am personally not a big fan of gears on helmets so I made an executive decision to make them as glossy black gears on a matte black background, so they are there but they are subtle. The real WOW factor of this helmet has to be the super large metal flake with red candy over top, this helmet is so cool to look at as the metal flake dances with the sunlight. We also added a pearl white with black fading into it and trace amounts of neon orange to pop against the red. This design is very unique and is one of my favorites in a while.