Paul Holton Helmet

Stilo ST5 Zero

Paul emailed us one day and wanted to purchase a new stilo helmet and have us paint it for his Audi TT cup season over in Europe. I came up with this design mostly by looking at my template on the computer screen and playing around with different ideas. His last helmet had some vertical spikes and pointy shapes and had blue, black, and white in it. i started with the blue spikes and interacted black behind them that turns into a P on the side for Paul. I left a lot of white with a slight fade of neon chartreuse to give the helmet a nice crisp feel to it. We did some embossing on the black areas with the airbrush to give them some depth and sprayed a matte clear over the black to give the helmet some texture. In the blue we faded a really dark blue with blue flakes on top to a very vibrant cobalt blue metallic, Paul particularly liked this detail with the fading blue and the blue flake on top. This design is again, nice and clean and interesting all at the same time.