Zach Claman DeMelo Helmet

Arai GP-6RC

Zach has been trying to get in with us for a few years but we could never correlate our schedules. Finally we were able to get something for his Indy lights season. Zach has a few tattoos and wanted to incorporate them on his helmet. A lot of this design is made to focus on those and other things that are important to Zach. Zach has his own logo which you can see on the side as a ZCD. We placed that on the side and made a larger Z on the side out of the carbon of the helmet. Zach has always had a vertical design element on the front of his helmet that turns into a Canadian maple leaf with a black eagle over it to represent Azores. The overall design is nice and clean but with the rainbow flake silver and the neon chartreuse it really pops when he is in the car.