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Two New Helmets Ready for Desert Racing!

I recently finished these two helmets, one is going to be used in the Baja 1000, and the other is going to be racing in Vegas for the SKUSA Super Nationals. Good luck wishes go out to Cortney and Daniel from Censport. Check out the studio pics of these helmets on page 4 of the […]

Custom made helmet display’s make a great Christmas gift!

Censport has offered custom made display cases for a while now and the holiday season is right around the corner! this is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who has a helmet to display. you don’t even have to put your Censport creation in them, virtually any helmet will look stunning in either this case […]

The Grand Opening of the New Shop!

After months of waiting and a few weeks of really hard work getting every detail finished it was finally time to say goodbye to the old shop and start operations out of the new location. I feel like a snake molting its skin or like a hermit crab upgrading from a smaller shell to a […]

Check out this cool HD video of Jon Field taken from Long Beach

This video was shot with the GoPro HD sports video camera. Photographer Donald Miralle talked the Intersport guys to stick this camera up by the side view mirror for some intense video footage. Ride along with Jon as he rips down Shore Line Dr. at 190 MPH! you can also check out Donald’s blog here he […]