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Studio Close Ups

Here are just some examples of how precise our paint work is, even down to the millimeter. This also showcases some of the cool materials we use such as metal flake, candy, and matte finishes. This is what you get when you have a Censport creation, unique design and flawless execution.

From Concept to Reality

Here is a perfect example of taking a clients rough design idea and massaging it into a masterpiece. You can see on the left is the client’s own drawing of what he was looking for. On the right you see the design once we go in make tweaks and revisions to make the design strong […]

Helmets: A Racer’s Identity

Take a behind the scenes look with Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner into the art of helmet painting and the process behind developing designs with TAG Heuer Eyewear. Some of the best names in the industry such as Andy Blackmore and Tyler Cenarussa teamed up to create a stunning piece of artwork for Tommy’s 2013 season […]

Quality Shots

Here is our latest installment of super close up shots and outdoor pictures on our latest batch of helmets to show you the quality and detail in these flawless pieces of art. Enjoy!