Bryan Sellers and the FALKEN Tire team win the Petit LeMans for the second year in a row.

The Falken Tire 911 is the only Car in it’s class to be on anything other than Michelin tires. That means it is extra tough to gather tire data with one car when the rest of the field has massive experience and data streaming in to make the tires better. The Falken Tire team has come on strong at the end of the year almost winning at VIR only to be passed on the last couple of corners on the last lap. Petit LeMans was the Falken Tire teams redemption, winning for the second time in a row. Bryan Sellers and Wolfe Henzler who have been team mates for years had the help of Porsche factory driver Marco Holzer for the ten hour endurance race. Falken tire plans to run a full two car team in 2015 to be more competitive against all the factory teams and Bryan and Wolfe will be with the team again.

Dane Cameron Wins the Inaugural TUDOR Sorts Car Championship in GTD.

Dane Cameron and the Turner Motorsport BMW Z4 came out on top to win the TUDOR SCC in the GT Daytona class. Dane is the only winner of the championship because he had different co-drivers throughout the season. Paul Dalla Lana who’s company NorthWest sponsors the number 94 machine had other commitments at the beginning of the season and had to step out. Replacing him was a very talented driver by the name of Markus Palltala, together they went on a tear with back to back podiums and victories. Going into the season finale at the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta they had a slight 2 point lead over a very competitive and tight field. In the end a 4th place was enough to secure them the championship.

Dane Cameron and co-driver Markus Palttala Capture their 4th Win of the Season at VIR

The Turner Motorsport BMW Z4 driven by Dane and Markus are on a hot streak, they have won two races in a row and four on the season to tie for the championship lead with two rounds remaining. Dane would be leading the championship had it not been for a penalty at Daytona that stripped them of their sixth place finish at the season opener at the 24 Hours of Daytona. Dane and Markus have worked hard and built off of their maiden victory at Laguna Seca to pull themselves out of their points deficit. Can Dane and the Turner crew carry this momentum into COTA and Petit Le Mans to capture the GTD championship? only time will tell but it will be fun to watch!


Stingray Robb Earns his Golden Ticket to the World Karting Finals.

Stingray won up in Chilliwack Canada to secure his position on team USA for the Karting World Finals to be held later this year.


Studio Close Ups

Here are just some examples of how precise our paint work is, even down to the millimeter. This also showcases some of the cool materials we use such as metal flake, candy, and matte finishes. This is what you get when you have a Censport creation, unique design and flawless execution.

Ride along with Mike Skeen as he takes victory at Road America

Check out the exciting battles from the first race during the Pirelli World Challenge Championships at Road America from the Hawk Performance/CRP Racing Audi R8!

It’s all in the Details

Here are some close up shots of some of the recent helmets we have painted.


From Concept to Reality

Here is a perfect example of taking a clients rough design idea and massaging it into a masterpiece. You can see on the left is the client’s own drawing of what he was looking for. On the right you see the design once we go in make tweaks and revisions to make the design strong all around the helmet. The original drawing had some interesting features at the front of the helmet and on the side under the visor but from there back it got a little dull. We were able to tweak and revise the design to play off the originals strengths and carry it over to the rest of the helmet. And by looking at the completed helmet you can see that we went in even further during the paint process to make small changes to even further enhance the “look” of this design.

Helmets: A Racer’s Identity

Take a behind the scenes look with Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner into the art of helmet painting and the process behind developing designs with TAG Heuer Eyewear. Some of the best names in the industry such as Andy Blackmore and Tyler Cenarussa teamed up to create a stunning piece of artwork for Tommy’s 2013 season in the American Le Mans Series.

Quality Shots

Here is our latest installment of super close up shots and outdoor pictures on our latest batch of helmets to show you the quality and detail in these flawless pieces of art. Enjoy!