It’s all in the Details

Here are some close up shots of some of the recent helmets we have painted.


From Concept to Reality

Here is a perfect example of taking a clients rough design idea and massaging it into a masterpiece. You can see on the left is the client’s own drawing of what he was looking for. On the right you see the design once we go in make tweaks and revisions to make the design strong all around the helmet. The original drawing had some interesting features at the front of the helmet and on the side under the visor but from there back it got a little dull. We were able to tweak and revise the design to play off the originals strengths and carry it over to the rest of the helmet. And by looking at the completed helmet you can see that we went in even further during the paint process to make small changes to even further enhance the “look” of this design.

Helmets: A Racer’s Identity

Take a behind the scenes look with Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner into the art of helmet painting and the process behind developing designs with TAG Heuer Eyewear. Some of the best names in the industry such as Andy Blackmore and Tyler Cenarussa teamed up to create a stunning piece of artwork for Tommy’s 2013 season in the American Le Mans Series.

Quality Shots

Here is our latest installment of super close up shots and outdoor pictures on our latest batch of helmets to show you the quality and detail in these flawless pieces of art. Enjoy!

Summer Close Ups!

Here is some recent work that has come out of the shop and we just wanted to share some close up detail pictures for your pleasure.

More Detail Shots

With all the minute details in most of my work and precision of the paint work I feel it is important for you, the potential client to see the detail we put in to our creations, so here are some detail shots of our latest projects, enjoy!

Nicholas Latifi heads to Formula3 in 2012

The Latifi family is becoming one of Censports best clients and I owe thanks to their motorsports manager David Tennyson for bringing them to Censport. Latifi has large goals and I have no doubt he will make them come true. His first step is to dive into international motorsports competing in Europe in the F3 Championship. Nick is already an accomplished kart racer but is stepping it up into formula cars. Here are two of our most recent creations for Nick, I designed the livery of his F3 car and painted his Bell HP3 to match the car design. Go get em’ Nicky!

2nd helmet for Jeff Segal

The first helmet we did for Jeff was a GP-6RC and we had that helmet all gloss to show off the pretty carbon weave. This helmet is a GP-6 PED which comes in white so since we didn’t have carbon to show off we painted those areas black. The whole helmet is bathed in rubber feeling matte clear and looks stunning. I also reversed the shading from his other helmet to make them look different, so the areas that are white fades on the other helmet are red on this helmet and vice versa.

Father and son duo Randy and Ryan Carpenter get some sick Stilo’s

Censport now does helmet chroming in house with our new Spectra Chrome system

For years I went from one chroming source to another only to be let down time after time with poor quality. Since quality is number one on my list my biggest pet peeve was to put a perfect paint job on a terrible chrome job. So I took a huge step and invested in Spectra Chrome so I could do chrome in house and make sure the chrome was as perfect as possible. We are even doing chrome for some of America’s top painters, as they know quality is what they will get from Censport. It took a couple months of trial and error and redoing things until they came out perfect but we have the system nailed and are producing some very good results. Take a look at some of these pictures of helmets right after they have been chromed and then the final out come once a design is painted on.