Jason DiSalvo Wins the Daytona 200 in Spectacular Fashion

For those of you who didn’t see this race let me write a little synopsis for you. Jason was quickest in practice and had the pole wrapped up until the very last second when Jake Zemke squeezed in a lap .3 seconds quicker. There was no doubt that there was going to be a hand full of guys that could win the race. It is really hard to break the draft at Daytona and get a big enough lead so the pack doesn’t swallow you up on the banking, so it was any man’s race to win really. Read more

2 Helmets Ready for Jason DiSalvo for the Daytona 200!

These are the first of 5 helmets for Jason for the 2011 season. The others will be like this but using different color combos. He wants one special one for the season that we have yet to determine what will make it special, maybe a chrome base?! He also wants to do one with no American flag inside the star, so we have to think of something cool to go in its place.

Check out this blog entry on Censport Graphics by Bo Bushnell

My very good friend since high school has started an amazing blog covering his travels to cool locations and artist studios. He was in town this week and stopped by to snap some pics and do a small write up on the shop. Bo brought his friend Caleb Clark who works at MMI (Motorsports Management International) as director of branding. Bo wanted to show Caleb my operation and hopefully have him get me some business from his NASCAR clients that MMI represents.

Current AMA Superbike Champ Josh Hayes’ 2011 helmet design!

I am proud to announce that Arai and Josh have teamed up with Censport for his 2011 helmet design and paint. These are the first three helmets so far. Hopefully it will become a replica and you to could own this design!

Censport Graphics is now on Facebook!

Censport is now on Facebook, please follow the link and click the like button if you support us and are down with what we are all about.

A Couple New Helmets Done and Ready for Some New Years Racing

I just finished these two helmets that will be used here in a month or so, one will be racing in the Florida Winter Tour kart series, and the McManus helmet will be debuting at the 24hrs of Daytona weekend in the Continental Tire Series race.

Two New Helmets Ready for Desert Racing!

I recently finished these two helmets, one is going to be used in the Baja 1000, and the other is going to be racing in Vegas for the SKUSA Super Nationals. Good luck wishes go out to Cortney and Daniel from Censport. Check out the studio pics of these helmets on page 4 of the helmet gallery.

Custom made helmet display’s make a great Christmas gift!

Censport has offered custom made display cases for a while now and the holiday season is right around the corner! this is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who has a helmet to display. you don’t even have to put your Censport creation in them, virtually any helmet will look stunning in either this case or on the stand. Check out the store under accessories for more info, the cases can be made with any color of velvet on the base to match a helmet paint scheme. Cases are 300.00 and the stands are 50.00. Order yours today so you can have them in time to put under the tree!

Road America, Wisconsin – Lawrence Loshak wins SCCA DSR National Championship at the Runoff’s! be sure to watch the video of his onboard camera. The speed these little 1000cc beasts produce is incredible.

Censport driver Lawrence Loshak captured his second SCCA national championship and first DSR championship at the 2010 SCCA Runoff’s. Here are some words from the driver expressing his exciting weekend! Read more

The Grand Opening of the New Shop!

After months of waiting and a few weeks of really hard work getting every detail finished it was finally time to say goodbye to the old shop and start operations out of the new location. I feel like a snake molting its skin or like a hermit crab upgrading from a smaller shell to a larger one in order for it to grow. It has been a few short years since Censport was only an idea and I have to thank a lot of people who have helped me get to where I am today. Anyway, we are now fully operational at the new place and we are hungry for a lot of work, so bring it on! Here are some snap shots that were randomly taken from the open house party. You can kind of get a feel for the new digs and see what I have had pictured in my head for the last few months.