New shop under construction! September can’t come soon enough.

Well after 5 years in business it is finally time to step up and get my own place. I could not have reached this level without all my great clients, so I thank you all for helping me get this far. It is your word’s of mouth that is the greatest advertising I could ever have. Right now the scheduled completion date is September 6th. I will be needing to close the shop for a couple weeks around that time to get my shop and paint booth moved over and situated in the new location. So bare with me if you have a helmet in the works at that time. I will be updating the news section with pictures as the progress of the building goes forward. Let me tell you, it is going to be a very nice setup.

Check out this cool HD video of Jon Field taken from Long Beach

This video was shot with the GoPro HD sports video camera. Photographer Donald Miralle talked the Intersport guys to stick this camera up by the side view mirror for some intense video footage. Ride along with Jon as he rips down Shore Line Dr. at 190 MPH! you can also check out Donald’s blog here he does some pretty amazing work.